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College Funding: Invest in Your Child's Future with ACE Rehoboth Consortium (ARC)

Higher education is an asset for your child’s successful future. With the rising tuition and related expenses, planning for college funding is more critical than ever. At ACE Rehoboth Consortium (ARC), we are committed to helping you navigate the financial challenges of funding higher education.

We’ve helped families earn millions of dollars in scholarships and financial aid with the help of College funding services by allowing them to see the complicated financial aid and scholarship process behind the curtain.

College Funding Services: Your Guide to Financial Preparedness

Our all-inclusive college funding services provide tailored strategies to help manage the financial burden of higher education. We work with you to understand your financial situation and future goals before developing a personalized college funding plan for your budget and your child’s educational purposes.

As a leading multifaceted company, ARC offers various versatile services, including long-term care insurance, tax-free retirement, and other financial help services.

ARC: Your Partner in College Funding

We understand the importance of investing in your child’s future. Let ARC be your trusted partner in securing your child’s educational journey.

Ready to invest in your child’s future? Contact ARC today to learn more about our college funding services and start planning for your child’s higher education.

Financial Education, Financial Planners
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ARC Leadership

ACE Rehoboth Consortium is a multifaceted company with diverse portfolios specializing in Financial Education and Planning, Training & Leadership Development, Hospitality and Cybersecurity.

The Financial Education and Planning portfolio was launched in 2017 as an independent Financial Services Owner with the World Financial Group (a Transamerica Company); Training, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Portfolio in 2020; Hospitality Portfolio in 2020 and Cybersecurity still in the works and yet to be launched.


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