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Business Strategies

Small business owners need financial and insurance options for themselves and their employees to secure their business’s future. At ARC, we can help create strategies to protect both employees and owners, ensuring everyone is covered if something unexpected happens.

Best Perks of Getting Living Benefits Transamerica

This additional living benefit offers the best of both worlds. It can help to grow and protect retirement income regardless of market conditions, ensuring consistent lifetime income.

  • Protection: On a 10-year basis, Principal Optimizer protects principal and earnings growth from negative market returns by 110 percent (100 percent protection of principal and earnings growth on the 7-year product). No matter how much growth occurs, equity growth is uncapped.
  • Flexibility: With over 70 diverse investment options (varying by-products) from well-known managers, Transamerica Principal Optimizer offers the potential to increase the withdrawal base when investments perform well or reset the guaranteed future value to lock in investment growth. If an optional reset is selected, the waiting period will be reset.
  • Simplicity: Transamerica Principal Optimizer strategy is simple because there is no need to complicate things. On the base variable annuity policy, gains are credited daily, and dividends are automatically reinvested in subaccount unit values.

Living Benefits of Whole Life Insurance: Protection for Today and Tomorrow

The living benefits of whole life insurance extend beyond the traditional death benefit. These policies can accumulate cash value over time, providing a resource you can tap into during your lifetime. This can help cover unexpected expenses, supplement retirement income, or fund other financial needs.

In partnership with Transamerica, a leading provider in the insurance industry, we offer various products designed to protect your financial future. Our living benefits Transamerica offerings include innovative insurance solutions that provide financial support in the face of critical illness, chronic illness, or disability.

As a leading multifaceted company, ARC provides various versatile services, including long-term care insurance, tax-free retirement, and college funding.

ARC: Your Partner in Life’s Uncertainties

We are committed to helping you navigate life’s uncertainties. With ARC, you don’t just get financial protection for your future but also for your present.

Ready to secure your financial well-being? Contact ARC today to learn more about our living benefits and how they can provide you with financial security.

ARC Leadership

ACE Rehoboth Consortium is a multifaceted company with diverse portfolios specializing in Financial Education and Planning, Training & Leadership Development, Hospitality and Cybersecurity.

The Financial Education and Planning portfolio was launched in 2017 as an independent Financial Services Owner with the World Financial Group (a Transamerica Company); Training, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Portfolio in 2020; Hospitality Portfolio in 2020 and Cybersecurity still in the works and yet to be launched.

Angela Christian, LFP President/CEO

President & CEO, ARC LLC (Financial Services Div)-Your Neighborhood Financial Professional, Financial Literacy Ambassador & Advocate

We at ACE Rehoboth Consortium (ARC) know the importance of financial stability and security. As the leading multi-faceted company, we offer a wide range of services in long-term care insurance, tax-free retirement, college funding, and other financial assistance.

We are committed to assisting individuals and families in the US achieve their financial goals and securing a prosperous future through our extensive experience and commitment to providing personalized solutions.

What Customers Say About Us

It's always such a great time speaking with Angela. Thank you Angela so much for helping me set up my tax-free retirement. I now have confidence in my ability to retire and it has been very helpful!

Clarisa Amma Serwa

I knew about fixed and variable strategies to grow our money. Just found out about the indexed strategy. You grow and lock in your gains and proceeds are tax free? I was completely blown away! I really love the complimentary financial education ARC provides. Financial Literacy is key for wealth creation and securing your retirement

nana mensah

Frequently Asked Questions

While strategy and management consulting are frequently used interchangeably, they are different. Management consulting typically entails assisting businesses in improving their day-to-day operations and resolving immediate problems.

On the other hand, strategy consulting is concerned with a company’s long-term goals and direction, such as developing new products or services, entering new markets, or navigating significant organizational changes.

We function as a hybrid of business coaches and consultants, guiding and teaching where possible while also being able to step in and do as needed. This combination allows us to be more hands-on than other business coaches while remaining more cost-effective than other business consultants.

Our Process

  • Schedule a free call/meeting – A free consultation to customize an appropriate package.
  • Set goals – For success, set both business and personal goals.
  • Meetings to discuss the current set of circumstances
  • Agree on deliverables, responsibilities, and working methods.

ARC offers comprehensive strategy consulting services to help you achieve your business objectives. Our experts have experience providing valuable insights and guidance in various areas, from business planning to succession planning. We approach each client individually, tailoring our services to your needs and goals.

We understand the importance of protecting your business interests and ensuring a smooth transition to business succession planning. We collaborate with you to create a comprehensive plan that meets your needs and protects your business.

If you’re ready to maximize your business success, contact ACE Rehoboth Consortium (ARC) today. Our expert team can provide the strategy consulting skills and expertise you need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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